Tonka Candle

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– Scented Candle

– 250ml

Exotic and indulgent Tonka – the latest fragrance from Laboratory Perfumes. Tonka’s story begins in a jar of pink peppercorns. Rummaging in the spice cupboard, we discovered that beneath their peppery notes, the dried berries of the Peruvian pepper tree have a finely balanced floral fruitiness to their aroma – which works wonderfully for their fourth fragrance.

In the laboratory, they paired that peppercorn scent with the zing of mandarin, and added a layer of depth and richness with warm woodland aromatics. The finishing touch is provided by the vanilla-tobacco notes of the tonka bean – its captivating earthiness holds the scent together, and gives our complex, exotic and cleanly elegant fragrance its name.

Laboratory only uses natural oils, and they adopt a scientific approach to their blending, hence the name: Laboratory Perfumes.Each fragrance has been formulated with the character that reacts to the wearer and evolves, from its application in the morning, through to the evening.